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Turbo Transformer - the best way to increase your performance and fuel economy without tampering with your ECU. Adjust your boost curve, monitor your boost pressure and quantify your gains via Bluetooth from your phone.

Customize your tuning chip to increase boost pressure by up to 4 psi; limited by the app, for your engine’s safety. Use Hybrid mode, to save fuel under light throttle and increase boost under full throttle, all in one setting.

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Increase power

Chip tuning with Turbo Transformer typically increases your horsepower and torque up to 30%. Various makes and models respond differently to piggyback boxes since some manufacturers leave more reserve power in the ECU than others.

Adjust modes without having to reach for your phone using our wearable apps once you download the smartphone app.

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increase power

The TT-PRO ECU is a more complex box for those who want more than a simple boost increase. The TT-PRO ECU has rpm input as well as fuel rail bias. In addition, it has several digital outputs to control the external devices, such as water injection. It also has one CAN bus port to read several other operating parameter of the vehicle, such as individual wheel speeds, gear position, brake pressure, throttle position, etc..