Unleash the potential of your turbocharged vehicle with Turbo Transformer, a boost chip that is plug-N-play and keeps the check engine light away.

Turbo Transformer installs within minutes and uninstalls without a trace. It is powered by an advanced micro-controller that works with your engine's computer to improve power and torque by increasing boost.



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Focus ST
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TURBO TRANSFORMER and how does it work?
At the core of Turbo Transformer is an Atmel ATMEGA328PU micro-controller with proprietary low level code that unleashes the chips full potential. A resistor in series alters the sensor output at all times and will immediately set a check engine light. Unlike a resistor, TURBO TRANSFORMER does not alter the sensor signal until the boost pressure is higher than 12 psi. As a result, you do not lose any fuel economy if you drive around normally. If you drive with a lead foot, you will notice the extra power and a light degradation in fuel economy.

How and where do I install TURBO TRANSFORMER on my car?
Turbo Transformer "piggy-backs" the boost pressure sensor found on the charged air pipe between the throttle body and the intercooler. To install Turbo Transformer, simply disconnect the sensor connector, plug the Turbo Transformer into the sensor and connect the factory harness into the Turbo Transformer.

How much power will the Turbo Transformer add? With turbocharged engines, the power varies significantly based on intake temperature and fuel quality. This problem gets worse on chassis dynamometers due to inadequate cooling air. However, the TURBO TRANSFORMER add 20-25 horsepower and 20-25 lb-ft of torque.
The following results are shown as tested on a 2013 Hyundai 2.0T genesis coupe.

Will Turbo Transformer void my engine warranty?
ABSOLUTELY!! Any aftermarket chip or tune voids your warranty. However, the TURBO TRANSFORMER uninstalls without a trace and your car can be easily brought back to stock within a few minutes.

Will Turbo Transformer lean out my engine?
NO!! All modern turbocharged engines have a wideband O2 sensor that runs off the MAP sensor. Your ECU realizes the extra air mass and adjusts accordingly. We have done extensive data-logging to prove this.

Here is a screen shot of a few vital engine signals stock and with TURBO TRANSFORMER.

The data-logs confirm the higher boost gauge reading and also show that the ECU recognizes the additional Manifold Pressure (by looking at the MAP signal) and a slightly richer mixture (ACT_LAM).

The catch for the connectors have an ever so slight taper. The appropriate way is by pushing the connector in before pressing the release tab.
Once the tab is released, wiggling the connector side-by-side helps significantly. The connectors only install in one direction - therefore, they will connect with a good click with out applying excessive force. If this is not the case, check the orientation of the connector and make sure you are not connecting it upside down.

C.A.R.B.E.O. Information

Turbo Transformer is only for COMPETITION USE ONLY.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to comply with all local rules and regulations concerning your vehicle. Turbo Transformer is not responsible for any damages or consequences what-so-ever from the purchaser's failure to comply with local laws.

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Turbo Transformer is designed and tested in California.

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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing Turbo Transformer, the purchaser agrees to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS
  • Just like any other aftermarket tuner, installing a Turbo Transformer WILL ABSOLUTELY void your factory warranty!!
  • Turbo Transformer disclaims ALL warranties and is not liable whatsoever for direct, indirect or consequential damages.
  • Purchaser expressly acknowledges that TURBO TRANSFORMER is for COMPETITION USE ONLY!!!
  • Purchaser expressly acknowledges that Turbo Transformer is not liable or responsible in any way for any warranty claims arising directly or indirectly as a result of installing Turbo Transformer on a vehicle.
  • Purchaser expressly acknowledges that installing Turbo Transformer will increase engine wear and tear or cause engine damage. Purchaser agrees to hold Turbo Transformer harmless from any damage caused directly, indirectly to any vehicle from an installed Turbo Transformer.
  • Purchaser agrees to comply with local laws vehicle laws. Purchaser expressly acknowledges that Turbo Transformer is not liable for any damage as a direct or indirect result of the purchaser's ability to comply with the local laws and regulations.
  • Purchaser agrees that he/she is competent enough to follow the installation procedure illustrated in the installation videos.
  • Purchaser expressly acknowledges that the vehicle harness can be plugged into Turbo Transformer upside down and will pay extra attention during this part on the installation procedure.
  • Purchaser acknowledges that the upside down installation of the vehicle harness into Turbo Transformer may result in damage to the pressure sensor and the ECU and any other related electrical systems.
  • Purchaser is responsible for the proper installation of Turbo Transformer on their vehicle and will not hold Turbo Transformer responsible for any damage to the vehicle as a result of improper installation.

Turbo Transformer offers a 14-day satisfaction grace period. If you are not satisfied with your Turbo Transformer you may return it in its original packaging AND in like-new condition within 14 days of the USPS tracked delivery date for a 100% refund. Units returned that do not qualify for return or that are postmarked after 14 calendar days of the USPS tracked delivery date will become property of Turbo Transformer and may not qualify for a refund. The purchaser is responsible for the return shipping costs. Turbo Transformer is not responsible for lost packages during your return – it is the purchasers responsibility to purchase insurance and tracking for return shipping. Sales are final after 14 days from the shipping date - NO EXCEPTIONS.
If the returned item was sold at a discounted price, only the purchase amount will be refunded.


Turbo Transformer warrants that the Turbo Transformer unit will be free from MANUFACTURING defects for three hundred and sixty five (365) calendar days after delivery. In the event of a faulty Turbo Transformer unit, the faulty unit must be returned to Turbo Transformer upon which the cause of the failure will be determined by Turbo Transformer. If the failure is determined not to be from misuse or abuse, Turbo Transformer will replace the non-conforming unit with a new one at no cost to the buyer. To qualify for an exchange, the seller must first ship the non-conforming unit back to Turbo Transformer. Warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Turbo Transformer is not responsible for this shipping cost.


Turbo Transformer uses United States Postal Service and offers FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. The purchaser must ensure that the provided shipping address can be serviced by USPS. The purchaser will be responsible for any re-shipping charges if the package(s) are returned to Turbo Transformer due to purchaser error during address entry. International purchasers must contact us for a shipping quote before purchasing.
For more information contact us at info.turbo.transformer@gmail.com

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