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the best option for your ECU tune; unlike an invasive flash tune, this is a plug-N-play piggyback ECU to increase your engine performance.

Turbo Transformer is a piggyback ECU. Piggyback tuners are a safe, proven and reliable way to increase your performance without flashing or tampering with your ECU. Our tuners are equipped with bluetooth which means you can make fine-tuning changes, map changes, monitor boost pressure and quantify gains wirelessly with a smart phone.

We guarantee that you will love driving your car with Turbo Transformer. As soon as you install your tune, you will feel a significant gain in your car's performance. But why stop there?

Using our phone apps, you can measure and log your boost pressure and quantify those gains. Furthermore, our apps are FREE! Why? Because we hate gougers ... we don't believe in overcharging for a tuner and then charging once again for the apps.

Be smart, spend less, get way more!

customize your ECU tune with our free app, log and monitor boost and acceleration data
modern ECUs respond well to piggyback tunes and provide safe power gains

Turbo Transformer typically increases your horsepower and torque up to 30%. Modern ECUs respond really well to piggyback tuners since manufacturers leave a lot reserve power in the ECU. Furthermore, modern ECUs run closed loop mixture control - yes, even under full throttle. The ECU is aware of this extra air-flow because it relies on multiple sensors to make the necessary timing and fuel injection adjustments and keeps your engine running within safe operating parmeters, even with the increased boost pressure.

Safety matters - We want you to enjoy your extra power and the free apps but we also want your eyes on the road and to be as safe as possible. For that reason, we took the time and trouble to develop wearables apps in beta form so you can adjust driving modes without having to reach for your phone using our wearable apps for your android or apple watch.

tune your BMW B48 or B58, monitor and log boost pressure using our smartphone app
tune your Infiniti 3.0t engines, monitor and log boost pressure using our smartphone app
Hyundai 2.0t and 3.3t engines respond really well to piggyback tunes

The TT-PRO ECU is a more complex box for those who want more than a simple boost increase. The TT-PRO ECU has rpm input as well as fuel rail bias. In addition, it has several digital outputs to control the external devices, such as water injection. It also has one CAN bus port to read several other operating parameter of the vehicle, such as individual wheel speeds, gear position, brake pressure, throttle position, etc..